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Hi everyone! As you may or may not have seen on my twitter or instagram, I finished my first year of university on Friday (June 19th). I'm going to do a few university related posts as bonus posts over the next couple of months before people start going off to uni themselves, which will hopefully help those of you with the same worries as I have. This post is just an end of year review, telling you my experiences and thoughts on my Freshman year of university.

I started this year at the end of September, and was extremely anxious for it. While I was excited to move out and experience new things, I was also scared of being away from home & having to learn how to look after myself. I was nervous about the people I'd be living in, and if I'd chosen the right course. I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

I was so scared for my first day of uni, having only linked up with a couple of the people I'd be living with on Facebook, but we hadn't said more than hello, so I didn't really know anything about what they'd be like. We all ended getting on pretty well, but we did have our problems! I'm going to go over the pros & cons of communal living in the coming weeks so look out for that if you have any worries!

On the one hand, I wasn't sure if I was the right kind of person for uni, I struggled in my last year of school, but on the other hand I made some great friends this year that I know will be part of my life for a long time, and also I met my amazing boyfriend, so I do think overall that I made the right choice going to uni!

So this is just a little post to introduce the uni series, I'll let you know when my future posts are going up!

Zoe xxx

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