Hopes for November


October went as quick as a flash, it definitely sped by. I unfortunately don't feel like I accomplished much in October, so I hope November is more productive!

This month marked the start of my second year at university. It's not been easy, and I'm already starting to feel overwhelmed with the amount of notes I need to write up and all the coursework I have to complete. October and November are always the hardest months for me studying-wise, so I need to focus this month to make sure I'm well prepared for exam revision come Deccember/January. 

This month I have a few things I want to accomplish, first and foremost I want to stop worrying so much about what other people are doing, and to just be concerned about what I'm doing and if I'm growing and achieving everything I can possibly achieve. I waste a lot of my time worrying about everyone else, and I need to focus on myself this month so I can be happier and more focussed. 

I also want to take up yoga again. I really enjoyed yoga when I did it in the summer, I felt myself getting much stronger and more flexible, and I really want to try to make some time in my schedule for it again.

It's at this time of year that I'm having to start looking at placements, so in November I want to get my CV finalised, and to try and apply to as many as I am interested in. It's stressing me out at the moment so the sooner I can get a placement sorted the better!

My last goal for the month is to finish buying my Christmas presents. I'm always a last minute person when it comes to Christmas presents, so I really want to try to at least have ideas for all of my presents by the end of the month. Christmas is an expensive time of year, so anything I can do before I go on my Christmas holidays away from work will be beneficial for the new year!

And that's everything, hope you all had fabulous Octobers and Halloweens, and here's to November. 


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