My 5 year plan/goals


In 5 years time I'll be 24, which is the age my parents were when they were married. This fact is pretty scary when I stop to think about it, as by that point I could have the job of my dreams, I could be married, I could be anything. My whole life after education will have begun. That thought led me onto thinking about where I want to be and what I'd like to achieve before then, so I figured I would list some of them on my blog to get you all thinking about your goals!

I challenge you to come up with some goals you have that you'd like to achieve in the next 5 years.

1 // Join a gym and a yoga/pilates/zumba class
2 // Graduate university
3 // Get a full time job
4 // Start a proper savings plan
5 // Fully move out of my parents house
6 // Travel abroad somewhere on my own/with a friend/boyfriend
7 // Go to a festival
8 // Be in a long-term relationship with tangible goals and plans of a life together
9 // Learn a language (either improve my French, or learn something completely new) and learn to play a musical instrument (either improve clarinet playing or learn piano)
10 // Stick with blogging!!!

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