Mini Superdrug Haul


I went to Superdrug recently, which was the first time i'd been in there in months (I'm definitely more of a Boots girl, possibly because the Boots in my area is a lot bigger than the Superdrug.

I picked up a couple of products from the brand NYC, some products of which I've previously used. It's a really affordable brand, and as I know a lot of you out there are students like me, and don't want to spend loads on makeup. I'm planning on doing some blog posts on the best affordable makeup, so look They had a deal on that everything in the NYC brand was under £2.50.

I've been itching to try out primers for ages, as I've never used one before. I have really oily skin so I struggle with a shiny face and am constantly worried about my makeup slipping, even though I set it with a powder. This also has nourishing properties in it which will hopefully be good for my skin., I'll do a little review on it once I've used this a few times.

I also bought a little eyeshadow palette. There were a few different ones, and I chose the one that had the nicest colours. I only realised a bit later that it was for blue eyes, which is good, as my eyes are blue. Observant, right? :P

It comes with a little brush *can't see that i'll be using that, but hey ho*, a creamy highlighter, and a primer. It has 4 eyeshadows, one for a highlight, one for all over the lid, and the darker two for the crease.

I also went to the Rimmel counter, and they had a deal on buy one get one half price, so I picked up a foundation and a powder.

I'd never heard of the Rimmel Clear Complexion powder before, but it's meant to help with acne and problem skin so figured I'd give it a try. I'm currently using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder but I've almost run out so I need a new one, and I only ended up paying £2 for it, so it was a bargain! I bought the shade translucent.

I also purchased the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, in the shade Light Porcelain. It's possibly the closest colour match I've ever managed to find for my skin tone, which is good. I'll write a review on this and link it once I've tested it out a few more times.

That's all I picked up from Superdrug, I'd like to think I was rather restrained in the end. What have you bought from the drugstore/highstreet recently that you're particularly excited about trying?

Zoe xxxx

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