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Hey guys, sorry it's been so long, I've had a lot going on :/

Boots has a deal on at the moment on Natural Collection makeup *well, to clarify, they always seem to have a deal on it, but this is the first time I've actually stopped to look*.

So I said I'd do a review on them, and here it is! I've been testing these products for a couple of weeks now, and figured I'd share my views with you!

First I tried the pencil eyeliner in the shade black. I was actually pretty impressed with its staying power, it didn't budge too much throughout the day after wearing it on my upper lash line and my water line. I have pretty oily eyelids and it was pretty hot that day but it still was *mostly* in place until I came to take my makeup off, and I didn't end up with massive panda eyes which is always a plus :P

It's a really soft eyeliner pencil, and is very easy to apply. Overall, I'm pretty impressed. It retails for £1.99



Next up was the mascara. I used the waterguard mascara in black. I struggled a bit at first because it's a really dry mascara, nothing like the mascara I've been using (Rimmel scandal eyes) as that one is an incredibly wet formula. 
You have to work the brush fairly hard and the brush itself is quite small, however this is an amazing mascara. I promise. It doesn't smudge in this hot sweaty weather, it separates and elongates my eyelashes like nothing else. It never clumps and I am obsessed. For £1.99 it's literally amazing. I am in love. It makes my eyelashes look amazing <3
It is a really natural looking mascara, so if you're going to school or just want a casual look then this is amazing.


Then was the liquid eyeliner. I have never actually used liquid eyeliner before *i know, it's a shocker*, so I figured i'd experiment with a cheap one as I wasn't sure I'd suit it being really pale and the least edgy person in the world :P
I'm actually quite impressed with this. Obviously I can't compare it to anything as it's the first one I've ever used, so for all I know it could be rubbish :P It didn't budge all day though which I was happy with, even on a hot day! The only downside is the how short the brush is, it's fairly difficult to handle. Although that could be my incompetence :P


I also bought the concealer. I'm not too impressed with this, I didn't have particularly high hopes for it, and it's more the coverage of a tinted moisturiser. If I'm having a lazy day or just hanging out with friends, or if i'm going to work, I'll just use this all over my face and set it with a powder and to be fair to it, it doesn't budge all day, even today, when I was stuck in the rain and when I was sweaty from walking to work. However it's concealing isn't exactly mind-blowing :P


All of these products are non-irritating and have no fragrance, so if you have sensitive skin or eyes you might want to check them out!

Zoe xxx

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