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Hi everyone! Take two of writing this post as I got to about halfway done & it didn't save -.-

Today  I'd like to show you the makeup I wear for lectures, when I am having a bad skin day or I want to make a bit more of an effort.

The products!

I start off with the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Serum Primer (although I don't always, depending on how oily my face feels after I cleanse and moisturise -- check out my skincare routine if you want to know what I use to get my face ready for makeup). I really love this primer, however I didn't use it the other day and my makeup stayed all day without it, but I don't find that the case all the time, and definitely would use it in the summer, as my makeup always slips :(

I then use the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation which I have recently started using & am testing out.  I like it, as it makes me look more fresh faced & ready for my early morning lectures! At some point soon I am going to do a comparison between this foundation and the other one I'm using at the moment, which is a Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation (I think I'd go so far as to say that the lasting finish is my favourite foundation I've ever tried!).

I don't bother with concealer, as I feel as though my foundation provides enough coverage, and it's an extra step that takes me a lot longer than I can afford! I use the Rimmel Clear Complexion powder in translucent *not pictured*, although mine got smashed recently so I need to get a new one and might give the Bourjois one a go.

Then I go in with blush and highlighter, both of which are from this Studio London palette, which I got as a part of the Studio London Fresh Faced makeup (I've only really tried the blush, not sure how good the rest of it is. Not sure it's that great as it's quite cheap but ah well). I like the more orange/coral colour on the right as apposed to the pinker shade, because it looks more natural. The highlight in the middle is really nice and really natural, and goes on to the skin really nicely.

For eyeshadow I usually use a Collection Work the Colour eyeshadow pencil, either in Vintage Blush or Hot Chocolate. These are really nice as bases, or they work very well on their own too. They don't crease if you blend them in pretty well, and they last a long time too.

Then I use the Natural Collection Eyeliner, which I talked about here *apologies for the awful photography etc, I was new!*. It's not bad, but the brush is really fiddly & I never really attempt a wing, but it's not bad, and it stays pretty much all day.

The mascara I'm trying at the moment is the Collection Supersize Fat Lash mascara, which isn't bad if you want length, but if you want volume then this won't be for you! It gives a very natural look, which is good for those effortless makeup looks where you don't want to look too made up.

To finish off I use my beloved Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Demure (which I've not been able to find for years, I'm so sad! It was my first ever lipstick, and it's the perfect natural your-lips-but-better shade for me!).

Then the body spray I use is the Impulse Temptation Vanilla and Peach body spray, which smells really nice, isn't too expensive, and makes me feel like I'm ready for my lectures.

And here's the finished look! Let me know what you think, and whether or not you've tried any of these products and what you thought of them!

Zoe xxx

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