Mini Haul!


Hi everyone! Today I have a mini haul for you of a few things I've picked up over the last little while.

The first thing I picked up is actually not in this picture, it's Carrie Fletcher's new book All I Know Now, which I've not managed to read yet, but I've heard great things about it so I can't wait till I have a spare moment to give it a read!

I'd been eyeing up the 'big cup for a rainy day' in Tiger for ages but hadn't bought it because I didn't want to carry it all around town with me, so I went back into Tiger and got it a few days later. I'm obsessed with tea and have quite a few mugs now, it's becoming a bit of an addiction!

The other mug I got on the same day, and it's from Robert Dyas. As well as tea I'm obsessed with camper vans, so I just had to have this mug. It's a perfect size for evening cups of tea, and I love it.

I then went into Primark to look for some summery clothes and found these shorts. I'm not really one for wearing shorts as I'm really self-conscious of my legs (yet I wear skirts & dresses no problem... go figure!) but these I thought were really cute and I could use them as workout shorts or just lounging around shorts if I didn't want to wear them out. They would look really cute in the summer though if I was going to the beach with some nice sandals. They only costed £4, so were a proper bargain!

I also got this cheap little makeup bag on the way to the tills in Primark, it only cost £3 and is a decent size & is pretty structured so will hopefully protect my makeup when I go travelling. I've been on the hunt for a makeup bag for ages, and I think this will do me just fine.

I then headed to Boots, and *finally* got around to replacing my powder which had shattered. I've found recently that my skin has been good enough to get away with not using powder most days, which is something I never used to do because I'd end up looking like a shiny mess a few hours into my day. But this powder (in translucent) is great for those summer days when things can get a bit sweaty and shiny.

I went to the Barry M counter in Boots and saw they had a buy 1 get 1 half price on the nail polish, so I picked up 2 colours: 'Grapefruit', which is a Gelly Hi-Shine polish, and 'In A Heart Beat' which is a Quick Dry. The Quick Dry formula has only been out a week or two, and I really like it, although some people have complained of the formula bubbling on their nails. Mine slightly bubbled on one nail but it sorted itself out, it wasn't anything major. I love the pastel shades, the pale pink is so nice and summery, and would look gorgeous with a tan (not that I ever tan!). The darker shade is nice too, I absolutely adore Barry M nail polishes, they're hands down my fave brand for nail polish.

And that's everything I picked up! I might do a separate post on all of my Barry M nail polishes in the future, if that's something you're interested in. And I'll soon be writing a May favourites, but it may be a little delayed as I have exams in a couple of weeks.

Have you guys bought anything recently? Do you have any recommendations?
Lots of love,

Oh, and by the way I'm attending Beautycon live this year, I won tickets this week, I can't bloody wait!!!

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  1. I'm going to have to check out Primark as I need a new makeup bag and yours is so pretty. Love that mug too, it would make me smile everytime I had a cup of tea haha

    1. They're so cute aren't they? xxx


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