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**NOTE** This post was meant to be uploaded yesterday, but because I hadn't been feeling well yesterday & had been really busy this week I didn't have a chance to finish it. Hope you don't mind me posting a day late!

Hi everyone! Today I thought I'd show you some of the clothes I've been coveting this past few weeks.

1. Sweaters/Sweatshirts
I'm constantly borrowing my boyfriends jumpers *who doesn't love that? Thanks Justin ;)* so I figured I could probably do with some of my own, as it's still not quite warm enough to go out in a tshirt. Plus, I love how comfy and casual they are, but they can still look really good paired with skinny jeans or leggings. This one is absolutely adorable, I've seen tons of Disney jumpers out there but this one is definitely the best of the bunch. I found it on pinterest but have no idea where I can actually get my hands on it. If anyone out there knows, please tweet me or something!

2. Casual Dresses
I never used to be a fan of dresses, but I absolutely love them now! They're so easy to wear, and make me feel really feminine and pretty. I love the high neck style of this one (it's something I can definitely see Zoella in, with a big hat and maybe a leather jacket), but I think the colour might look a bit funny with my skin tone, so maybe one in grey would suit me better. Definitely need something like this in my wardrobe though!

3. Workout Clothes
Since starting yoga I've realised I don't have much in the way of tight fitting workout clothes. These work out leggings from New Look are perfect, I love the slogan on the side, and for £15 they aren't expensive either!

4. Cute Trainers
I have trainers for running & exercising but they're the most awful looking trainers ever. These, however, are super cute, and I can wear them to lectures as well as to work out. I need these!!

5. Jumpsuits/Rompers
I'm a huge fan of the jumpsuit look, but I've been too scared to wear them as I'm not sure how flattering they'll be (my legs are quite short), but these two from H&M look so cute! They'd be so lovely for summer with a nice pair of sandals.

6. Patterned Skirts
I love skirts, they're super flattering on my frame, however mine are mostly bodycon style, and solid colours. I don't have many A-line or circle skirts despite me absolutely adoring them, and I'd love to have some in pretty prints like this floral one from H&M. It'd look absolutely gorgeous with a little black crop top.

7. Crop tops
Speaking of crop tops! I mostly wear tight, long sleeved crop tops on nights out, but I would love to get some loose fitting sleeveless for summer, such as this daisy patterned one from Fresh Tops. It's super cute, and would look adorable with high waisted jeans or with denim shorts.

8. Slogan tops
I used to live in slogan tops like these, but have kind of fallen out of love with all of the ones I own. However they are super comfy, and are great to chuck on to go to lectures. This one in particular is pretty cute and again would look great with black high waisted jeans.

9. Tank tops/muscle tees
These kinds of tops are really cute for spring/summer, yet I don't own any of them! This one with the Paris design is really sweet, so it's definitely on my shopping list!

10. Ripped High Waisted Jeans
I've never worn ripped jeans before as I have really pale legs and feel like they'd look really silly poking through rips in my jeans, however I LOVE the look of black ripped high waisted skinnies, so some of these are definitely on my list of things to purchase!

11. High waisted shorts
And finally some high waisted shorts are on my list. Shorts are definitely out of my comfort zone, even though I wear skirts, I just am self conscious of how my legs look in shorts, however this summer I'm going to go for it!

And that's it from me! Let me know which item of clothing is your favourite, and also what is your favourite thing to wear in the spring!

Zoe xxx

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