University // 10 Pros & Cons to COMMUNAL LIVING


So. You've got your results. You've (hopefully) been accepted to your dream uni to study your dream subject. You've applied for student accommodation, and are wondering what it'll be like to share a kitchen or a bathroom with complete strangers.

If this sounds like you then keep reading, as I'm going to tell you some of my experiences living in halls of residence.

My halls of res was actually in a house rather than a flat, but some are in huge apartment style buildings and some are in little houses like mine was, it depends on the uni, and also just what you're allocated.

My university had different bands of accommodation for different prices with the shared rooms being the cheapest, and then it went all the way up to studio flats, which are obviously vastly more expensive. It's good as it caters to every price range.

It's going to vary from university to university, but for me I had to rank all of the bands of accommodaton from the one I wanted most to the one I wanted least, and then it was just luck of the draw if you got what you wanted.  I was very lucky that I got my first choice of accommodation, which meant that I had an ensuite bathroom, although the bathroom wasn't amazing and it was always  full of spiders...

So, onto the pros and cons!!


1. Meeting people as soon as you move in.
I was really nervous to move to my university, as I didn't know anyone before I moved there. There were a couple of girls who were already there when I moved in, so we introduced ourselves and hung out in the kitchen once our parents had gone home. It was nice, because we spent the first night chatting and getting to know each other.

2. Having people 'in the same boat' as you.
It was really nice to meet people who were going through the exact same thing as me, it made me feel less alone, and more reassured. There is honestly no feeling like watching your family drive off, and then shutting the door to your room and realising that you're completely on your own in a strange place. It's horrible, so it's really nice to have people who you can talk to who completely understand.

3. Having a group to go out/chat with.
If you're a partier, then there's definitely going to be people who are going to be up for partying. If you're a bit less of a party animal then this isn't really a pro, but for those of you who are already buying your freshers wristband, you'll probably end up going with your flatmates unless you have friends you knew before you moved to uni. Also, having so many people all sharing a space with you, there's always someone up for a chat or for a takeaway or something which is lovely if you're feeling a bit homesick or lonely. You'll always have someone to get ready with and to have parties with (so long as they're not TOO wild!). Pre-drinks are great because it brings the whole house together, and it's a fun way to find out more about your flatmates. Plus, if people invite other friends from their courses then it's a great way to meet even more people &

4. Banter
Our flat went through a phase of pranking each other, by putting post-it notes all over everyone's doors with random drawings and inside jokes, posting embarrassing pictures found from Facebook all over the house & kitchen etc. It's pretty fun when you have loads of inside jokes with the people you live with

5. Friends
This is probably the best pro. To be honest, I'm not best friends with most of my flatmates. I won't see them every day, and we won't talk all the time, but I did have a good year and I won't forget the memories I made with my flatmates.

Plus I met my current boyfriend because we were flatmates... so ya know, that's decent!


1. Uncontrollable mess
I lived with 13 other people in my house, and we all shared a kitchen. Luckily, we had a cleaner who came every few days, but it got very messy in our kitchen. So just be prepared for gross things, mouldy food, and just general untidiness.

2. Noise
It can be very difficult to go to sleep or to revise when people are playing loud music or having a party, plus the walls in my house were so thin you could hear everything. And I mean everything... So just be prepared, and take some headphones or earplugs or something for those times you really need some sleep!

3. Lack of privacy. 
See above about being able to hear everything. And also, it's quite hard to completely shut yourself away, as there would be people knocking on the door for a chat, so it is difficult sometimes. And it's hard to keep things secret when you live with other people, just saying..

4. Arguments
There will be arguments between flat mates. There will be drama. It's inevitable, and it's not good. Because you're living with people & see them 24/7 it's really hard to get on with life when there's tension, so the best thing to do is not pick sides if you're not involved, and if you are involved, then to not tell everyone about it, and to try to solve it privately and maturely (but lets face it it rarely happens like that...)

5. Awkwardness
Following on from the above points, there will be times where it will be awkward in your house, and you'll just have to stick your head in the sand and wait for it to blow over. Whenever there was a bit of awkwardness I just kind of did my own thing and then hung out in my room with my boyfriend or went out somewhere. It happens, it passes eventually!

Overall, I'd say that I enjoyed the experience. I moved into private accommodation this year with people from my course so I know everyone I'm living with, but I will miss some things about living in halls.

I'll be telling you some uni-related tips & my general advice in my next uni post, so if you have any questions then feel free to leave them in the comments!!


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  1. This was such a useful post when deciding whether to go to university. The banter sounds amazing (especially what you said about the facebook pictures lol) but the awkwardness sounds well... awkward. Great post xxx

    1. Thank youuuu! I'm really glad I lived on campus for first year, it was really fun, although yeah there was some drama that I could've done without! xxxx


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