Beauty/Skincare Haul!


I seem to have been spending quite a bit recently on skincare so I thought I'd talk you through what I got!

The first thing I got was the Tesco Soleil Suncare Sensitive Aftersun Soothing Lotion (what a mouthful!). I got horribly sunburnt at the beach a couple of weeks ago and suffered greatly & went through about 2 bottles of moisturiser in a week so this is almost gone!

I also repurchased the Garnier Micellar Cleaning Water. Not much to say about this, everyone has heard about it & raves about it so I'll just say it's great and pretty cheap (I bought it on sale at Tesco!). They have changed the packaging from the original one, but it's the same amount and I think for the same price so no drama there!

I then got the Imperial Leather shower gel with Rosewater and Sandalwood. It looks really pretty with lots of cool bubbles, and it smells lovely too!

I also picked up a Vaseline body lotion (the intensive care one - again for my sunburn) and I have to say that I adore this! It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth, and has made a huge difference in my peely sunburnt skin. I've also tried the green one, which I believe has aloe vera & soothing properties and it's also amazing, and has a gorgeous scent, but I wanted to give this one a try and I'm so glad I did!

Something else I got was a Nivea purifying face wash for oily/combination skin and I love it. It's makes my skin feel really fresh but not at all dry and tight. I've tried the moisturiser that goes with this before & loved it a lot so I knew I'd love this too.

Another skincare item I picked up was the Sanctury Spa Gentle Polish Body Scrub. I absolutely adore this scent, it's slightly orangey, and it's absolutely incredible. If you've never tried any of their products then I implore you to check them out!

There was a deal on at Boots where if you spend £10 on body skincare you get a free The Righteous Butter, so I took them up on that and took the plunge into the world of Soap & Glory. Can you believe it's taken me this long to try their products! I've debated which products to get for ages, because I wasn't sure what I would like, but I smelled the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub and knew it had to be mine. What's not to love about maple scented body scrub? It smells good enough to eat, and  having grown up partly in Canada it made me very nostalgic so I knew I needed to buy it. At £8 it's not the cheapest body scrub, but it'll last me ages plus I got a free body butter so it's totally worth it!

I also got the Soap and Glory Heel Genius foot cream, as although I'm not working for the summer, being a bartender means my feet get absolutely destroyed and worn out quite often, so thought this would be my saviour. And I can already tell a huge difference in how soft and lovely my feet are after having only used it once! The only thing about this is that I find the smell is quite strong, so be warned!

And then of course I got The Righteous Butter for free (worth £10 so definitely take advantage if you like S&G or want to try out their products!) I've tried it a couple of times and think it's amazing! It smells really good (and the scent lingers for the rest of the day!) and keeps my skin feeling so soft.

The last thing I bought is one of the new Rimmel Nude Collection lipsticks, in the shade 45. It's an absolutely stunning colour, and it's got the most lovely scent to it. I'd like to try number 43 next, as that's also a really pretty colour.

I've become totally obsessed with skincare recently, I love when my skin feels smooth and soft and well cared for, so if you have any skincare recommendations I'd love to hear them!


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  1. Great haul! I have a Rimmel nude lipstick in the shade 43 and really like it, I'd also like to get shade 45 and it looks so nice in your photos!x

    1. Thanks! 45 is a stunning shade & it's suited everyone who I've seen wear it so far so definitely get it! xxx


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