A Rainy Sunday


I love Sundays.
There's something so relaxing and calm about being inside on a cold rainy Sunday, sitting down with a big mug of tea or hot chocolate and catching up on blog posts or youtube videos or listening to my favourite songs.

Sundays are when I feel most creative, often finding myself taking all of my blogging photos on Sundays (apart from today as rainy England is making it challenging to find adequate natural lighting for my photos).

I've not had the best week this week, I've been missing my nearest and dearest, my best friend and my boyfriend have both felt especially far away this week. But the nice thing about Sundays is that they mark the end of a challenging week and the beginning of what looks like a very promising one. There's something very satisfying about the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. Here's to new beginnings.

Do you like Sundays? What do you do on Sundays?


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