The struggle for perfection


Because the blogging world has become so saturated in the last little while, it's difficult to find where I fit as a relatively new blogger. I've found myself reading hundreds of blog posts about how to take the perfect pictures and come up with amazing content and while I find those posts incredibly helpful it can be hard to maintain our unique creativity while trying to emulate popular blogs to try to 'make it big' in the blogging world so to speak.

It can be really hard to read blogs sometimes without coming away wishing mine was more like theirs, that my photos were as bright and amazing as theirs, that my writing was as professional or that I'd been given the opportunities they had. While of course I'm incredibly happy they got those opportunities and I recognise that I'm a baby in terms of blogging, having only been regularly uploading for 7 months or so, it's hard not to want to be successful instantly! I have to remember that it's not going to happen overnight, that most successful bloggers have worked incredibly hard for years to get where they are today.

It's also really challenging to try and come up with original ideas that I think are interesting and unique but that will also be popular with the people who might want to read what I have to say. Especially when posts that are more personal get less hits than a haul or a book review or something along those lines. At least in my experience. I love a good haul as much as the next person, but it's the personal posts where people talk about their holidays or their favourite things or their weekend that made me want to start blogging again.

Aiming for perfection can be incredibly damaging to creativity. I sometimes find myself not writing more wordy & personal posts in favour of posts I know will be more popular, which I've come to realise isn't what blogging is about at all. It's not about the amount of hits or comments (even though I love getting and replying to comments), it's about putting out content that I love and that I've spent time on, and that I'm really proud for everyone to read.

I don't really know what I'm trying to say in this post, other than I'm going to try my very best to fall back in love with blogging by writing lots more lifestyle posts, and recipes, and posts discussing my favourite things. I want my blog to bring a smile to my face as well as to yours, so fingers crossed I can achieve that!

Thanks so much for following my blog & commenting and being super lovely, I'm trying my best to up my content and increase my amount of posts so hopefully I can start posting twice a week like I used to!

Lots of love and hugs,
Zoe xxx

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  1. Hello Zoe!! I get this post so much! But you know what, its not about becoming like everybody else. I guess the trick is to, like you said, find why you first started blogging again and be true to yourself. only blog what you like, dont have to be like everybody else! That way you will definitely stand out from the rest!! You have a lovely blog, so dont ever think less of that!!!

    Rachel x

    1. Exactly, that's what I'm trying to work on :) Thanks so much :) xxx

  2. Hi Zoe, I'm new to blogging also and find it very hard to stay true to myself, writing what I'm interested in.
    Thanks for the reminder,

    Gracie x

    By the way I love reading your blog!

    1. Thanks so much :) Glad to hear that you enjoy my blog!!! xxx


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