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So I recently posted about moving into my new uni house, and today I'm going to tell you my wish list of things I want to get for my new room. I'm nearly happy with how my room is,  but there are several things that I still want to get.

1. A plant

Plants are a really nice way to liven up any room, so I want to get a little plant (or a few plants) to put on my windowsill. I'd love to have some succulents and/or cacti in my room as they last a bit longer than regular potted plants, but I'd like some nice colourful flowers as well.

2. A little tray for storage

Right now I don't really have anywhere to keep my keys and important bits & pieces, so I'd like to get some kind of tray/bowl (such as the marble ones from H&M), because they're really pretty and it would hopefully help me lose my keys less!

3. More candles

I'm obsessed with candles lately (I know, like every other blogger on the planet), but because I've not got any animals at my new place I can light them without worrying a certain little dog will knock them over or hurt himself on them. My favourite at the moment is the Frosted Cupcake scent from Bath & Body Works which is so old that they don't do it anymore!

4. Pretty teapot & tea cozy

I have a teapot at the moment but it's just a plain white one, and since I'm obsessed with tea at the moment I'm looking for a perfect tea pot & cozy that I can use while I'm blogging or studying in my room. 

5. A nice throw & some new bedding

I've got a blanket for my room, but it really only fits a single bed, so I'm looking to get a huge one that'll fit my bed. And I'd like some more interesting duvet covers & sheets as I only have one set at the moment!

6. Some prints/postcards for my walls

I recently bought a couple of fun postcards from Paperchase, and I want to pick up some more as the walls are so bare in my room & the paint is chipped & dirty in some places, so I'd like to cover some of the walls up. Plus I really like having inspiring quotes on my wall while I'm revising. I also have sorted out loads of photos of my friends & family to stick on my walls so I can have a constant reminder of all the cool people in my life.

After I've bought a few things for my room I'm going to do a little homeware haul, so lookout for that in the next couple of weeks! 


**Apologies for the lack of post on Saturday, just been a bit busy recently, hope you understand :) 

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