Hopes For September


For the last few months I've been telling you my hopes for each month, as I find setting goals for myself is a great way to motivate myself and keep me reaching my full potential. If you'd like to read my previous monthly goals you can do so here, here and here.

August has been a really challenging month for me. I've really had to do some soul searching and I've felt like I've gone backwards instead of forwards this month, so much so that I can't wait for a new month to see what September brings. It can only go up from here right?

I did okay with achieving last month's goals, as I managed to start working out again occasionally and I've also made my uni room pretty nice and cosy, but I'm not completely finished with it yet.

This month I've got a few things I'd like to achieve.

1. Work out once every 2 days all month

I've been loving Blogilates workouts recently because they're really quick to do, but they're challenging! I especially like the Poppilates ones, as they're always to really catchy songs, and they're not too long to do so I can easily fit them into my day. I'm feeling really motivated lately, so hopefully I can do at least one every two days. Sounds easy enough right?

2. Completely cut out fast food

I'm always eating fast food, because I'm lazy and it's easy. I know how bad it is for me but whenever I go to town I get some chips or a milkshake or something, and it's gross. This month I really want to make a change in my diet and my habits so hopefully I'll be able to completely cut out junk. I'll still eat unhealthy food but IN MODERATION. And I'll get a healthy smoothie rather than a milkshake now. 

3. Read more

I used to read constantly when I was younger, but I unfortunately stopped when I got older as I 'don't have the time' (read as: I can't be bothered). It's sad because I used to absolutely love reading, so this month I definitely want to try to read more. I've brought a bunch of great books to uni with me so I'll start with those!

4. Go to sleep earlier

I work as a bartender so I often don't leave work until 2:30 am. Which means that my body clock gets all out of sync and I spend most of my time feeling tired. When I'm not working I'd like to go to bed a  bit earlier so I can get up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day (and I'd like to stop waking up at 1pm like I did today..). Getting more sleep will help me in my everyday life and will just make my quality of life a lot better. 

5. Eat more home cooked meals

As I mentioned earlier in my post, I'm a bit lazy when it comes to cooking, and I've eaten more pasta this last year than I'd like to admit. So, this month I'd like to cook some more home cooked meals with more veggies and more effort rather than just stick something in the oven or just pasta. On a similar thread, I'd like to start eating more regular meals, because I always lose lots of weight at uni because I don't eat properly :(

And that's it! Those are my September goals. What are your hopes for September? 


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  1. I am with you on eating better! Come December with all the Christmas goodies I try my best to eat better leading up till then. If your after any recipes I love allrecipes.co.uk and my favourites are hotpot meals as you can leave them to slow cook in the afternoon whilst working on other things!

    Hannah Marie x

    1. I love allrecipes, it's so handy and there's so much on there! They're the best kinds of meals I think :) xx


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