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Hi everyone! Today I thought I'd try something new and do a review of a brand. The brand I've chosen is Barry M, and I'm going to focus on their nail polishes as I've not tried any of their makeup yet.

They're my favourite brand of nail polish, they're so cheap & are always on offer, and the quality of the nail polish itself is fantastic, plus the colour range is ever expanding. I thought I'd give you a rundown of all of the colours I own, the different formulas, my favourite colours, and try to do swatches of each colour. So here goes!

Nail Paint
Bog standard formula, no bells & whistles. I find it's not as shiny & hardwearing or as thick as the Gelly Hi Shine. Only needs 1 coat (however I've not tried a lighter shade of this formula so they might need more than 1 coat!)

Colours I have:
Raspberry, which is a lovely deep red colour.
Cappuchino, which I've actually just repurchased as my first one got spilt and then went all gloopy. It's a lovely brown/mushroom colour, and I love wearing it at this time of the year.

Gelly Hi Shine
This formula is really shiny (hence the name), is super thick and glossy, and goes on really nicely.

Colours I have:
Blue Grape, which isn't my most worn shade, but it's a very nice royal blue colour.
Grapefruit, a deeper pink/coral colour, which is great for the summer.
Rose Hip, which is a really pretty baby pink shade.
Sparkling Ruby, which I've only just bought. I think it's new, and exclusive to Superdrug. It's such a lovely Christmassy colour, with little sparkles in, and I can't wait till winter properly sets in so I can wear it!

Doesn't need much explanation, this category is just the matte shades I have. I lived in Crush last Autumn/Winter, absolutely adore the shade, and the matte top coat will turn any colour I have into a matte nail polish which is really cool!

Colours I have:
Crush, which is one of the first Barry M polishes I got, and I was obsessed with from the first time I painted my nails with it. It's very similar to Raspberry, is just a bit darker (and obviously is matte).
Matte Top Coat

Speedy Quick Dry
This is a new collection, which dries super quickly and looks really nice on the nails. I adore the pastel shades of this range.

Colours I have:
Eat My Dust, which is an amazing baby blue shade, and is one of my favourites.
In A Heart Beat, a lovely pale coral colour.

I definitely want to try Pit Stop, Lap Of Honour, and Need For Speed next, as they're all absolutely gorgeous, but are all more spring/summer colours so I might wait until after Christmas to pick them up.

Aquarium Collection
These are so cool, I've only got one so far, but I definitely want to add some more as they're all stunning and really unique colours.

Colours I have:
Treasure chest, which is a top coat with little gold flakes. I've not tried this yet, but it'd look amazing with In A Heart Beat

What's your favourite nail polish brand/colour?

Zoe xxx

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  1. I love Barry M nail polish, they have such a big range of shades- wish I had more x

    1. Yeah they're so lovely! Really easy to wear as well, and pretty long lasting for the price! :D xx

  2. Lovely colours!
    Charlotte //

    1. They're so pretty! I've been so excited to crack out the wintery shades now it's getting colder! xx


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