Hopes for October



Hi everyone!

I've just read through my goals for last month (which you can read here), and I've realised that I've only managed to accomplish one of those goals this month... which isn't great! Hopefully this month I can reach more of my goals. I'm going to try extra hard to keep motivated throughout October.

1. Become more independent 
I've reflected quite a bit about the last year, and I've realised that I haven't really learned how to live completely self-sufficiently, without other people pulling me along, so this month I really want to try and live for myself and look after myself.

2. Continue making healthier food choices
Last month I started the long road to cutting out junk food & replacing it with healthier foods and more fruits and veg, but I realised I couldn't just quit cold turkey, so this month I want to make even more of an effort to get healthy

3. Join some societies
I missed out on a lot last year because I wasn't part of any societies at uni, so this year I'm going to join as many as I possibly can!

4. Start Christmas shopping
It's never too early right? I'm really getting into the Christmas spirit now that Autumn is here, so I need to take advantage of that to start buying everyone's presents, because last year I left it all till the last minute! 

And that's it for my goals for the month! What are your goals? 
Did you manage to achieve your goals for last month? 


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  1. Ha! The 4th one is easy! One can never be too early for christmas!! :P

    Rachel x

    1. I'm already super excited for Christmas, I can't wait! I've already seen loads of christmas decs and advent calendars in shops, not long now! xx


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