Weekly Musings #3 (Jan 22-28)


Last week was pretty intense in terms of exams, but it had some high points too! I met Ella Woodward (or Deliciously Ella as she's known on the internet) in Waterstones on her book tour for her latest book. I haven't had much chance to have a look at it yet, but when I try something out you can expect to see some photos on here!
I had my last exam on the 25th of January, and what a relief it was to be finished. Unfortunately exam stress made me quite ill during January, and I still haven't properly recovered from it all. Slowly but surely I'm recharging my batteries and getting my mojo back. I've been taking it slow for the last few days but I am always thinking about potential upcoming posts so do stick around!

I've been thinking a fair bit recently about blogging, and social media, and how it's been a year since I properly got into this blog. I am only a small blog with a handful of followers but I really appreciate that there are some people out there who are interested in what I have to share with the world. I ramble on a lot and I don't really have a clear direction and I sometimes miss uploads (I'm the worst ever at sticking to schedules) but the fact that people have chosen to stick with me is great, and I'm really appreciative. I hope now that exams are all done I can start as I mean to go on and blog lots and lots!

Also now that exams are done I'm hoping to get more into working out again, I did pilates the other day using a Blogilates workout, and I'm planning on going on a run once in a while once I get back on my feet. No excuses this year, it's time to get healthy!

I also went back to work this week. It was really hard to adjust to the late nights again, and that hasn't really helped me when I've not been feeling that great recently. But it's been great to be able to start getting back into my routine again and it's been lovely to see everyone as well.

Something else nice happened this week; I wandered into Boots to kill some time one afternoon and a girl from the Benefit counter approached me and asked if I'd like to get my makeup done by her for free. I think they were doing some kind of training thing, but I happily agreed to try out some of the products.  I've never actually tried anything from Benefit before (I know, a blogger who doesn't have any Benefit products shock horror!). I already had a fair bit of makeup on (all my base makeup and eye makeup done), so she put on some Hoola bronzer, Watts Up highlighter and They're Real mascara. I was so impressed with the highlighter that it's definitely gone on my wish list, as well as the bronzer. The mascara was really nice as well, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to splash out so much on a mascara when I'm perfectly happy with my £5 one from Rimmel!

Apologies for the slightly grainy photo, my phone camera is pretty poor!
And that's all that I got up to last week, how have you all been?


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  1. Love your blog, so relatable because your life seems like a mirror image of my aspirations! Maybe, if you have time between exams and such, you could check out my blog?

    Freya | missfreyaelizabeth.blogspot.com

    1. aw thank you so much! I definitely will Freya! xx


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