Where have I been? Weekly musings #2 (Jan 8-21)


Hello again, it's me. Hopefully you've not all forgotten about me in my 3 week absence from pretty much all social media.... I'm so so so sorry for being gone so long. I've had exams to prepare for and so much on my plate uni-wise so I've had to put blogging on the shelf for the time being until I had some spare time. But, now that my exams are over I'm back with a vengeance. But anyway, enough of that, here's what I've been up to recently! If you're interested in keeping up to date with what I'm up to, I've started posting regularly again on my personal instagram, which you can follow here should you wish! I check out all of my followers and tend to follow back pretty feeds and bloggers so hmu!!!

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit an old preschool teacher of mine from when I was little. My mother and her have kept in touch over the years, although we hadn't seen each other in probably well over 10 years. Upon opening the door to me the first thing she said was that I hadn't changed at all, which made me laugh! To be honest though I haven't, while I've obviously grown up a lot and matured a lot I still am recognisable to that little girl that she knew all those years ago! She told me stories about myself in preschool that I didn't remember, and it was great to hear what I was like back then. I had a great time and she is such a lovely lady, I'm very lucky we're still in touch.

I then was in the midst of preparations for me to go back to uni after Christmas, so I had to get all packed up and buy my groceries with the help of my mum. I was really reluctant to go back, I don't remember having ever been so reluctant to go back before, but I'd had such a great Christmas break, and going back to uni meant that I would have to really start working hard to prepare for my exams.

I instantly wanted to go home again, however I did have something very exciting to look forward to a couple of days after I got back to uni, which was a dog therapy session organised by the union! I had the absolute best time ever playing with all the dogs, and it really did help to calm me down and lift my spirits during revision week. I fell in love with so many of the dogs there! Shoutout to Pets As Therapy, their organisation is absolutely fantastic and one that so many have benefited from, as while it was a bit of fun for us it was also absolutely theraputic, and all the volunteers told us about how they take their pets to schools to help kids read, and to retirement homes and hospitals and they brighten so many people's days while giving up their own time, so I think they're pretty incredible!

I was trying to eat better this month and ate loads of salads and veggies at the beginning of the month, but then ended up giving up during exams in favour of quick food for a lazy and tired student! ***Note: now exams are done though I have no excuses, I'm back on the healthy foods and on the exercise. I want to join a yoga or ballet class (not decided yet as I'd love to do both but don't have the time!) and I'm also going to start running once the weather is a bit better!

I have skyped my family a fair bit recently which has helped my homesickness, I have plans to go back home soon so I can't wait for that!

Other than that I did a lot of exam revision and procrastinating playing Animal Crossing New Leaf (my new obsession).

(don't we all!) 
Near the end of last week I had my first two exams, which were possibly two of the hardest exams I've ever taken. Not great, but I stuck with it and kept my head down to revise for my next two!

And that's what I've been up to for the last two weeks! I'm hoping to have my 'weekly musings' for this week just gone up on the blog tomorrow at the earliest, so look out for that too. Also I have lots more ideas for posts now that I have more free time, so I'll hopefully see you soon!


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