Did I meet my 2015 Goals? & Hopes For 2016


Hello everyone, and happy new year! Looking back on my goals for 2015 provided an interesting insight on my plans for last year. Safe to say I didn't make time to do all of the things on my list, but I made a good attempt at working hard at university and at spending time doing things for myself, and I also got a job, which I think were the three most important things on the list.

I have a few things that I'd like to attempt to achieve this year, and here they are:

1 // Do an hour of revision every day (with NO distractions)
If I set aside at least an hour a day to do notes or revision or online tests or something like that then it'll be a lot easier come exam time to revise. It'll also mean I don't become behind in my notes like I have done a bit this semester. Also I need to turn off my internet & 3G and put my phone away and just work solidly for an hour, and not check my phone or twitter every 5 minutes!

2 // Drink 1L of water every single day
AT LEAST. I'm never properly hydrated and it's especially bad because my kidneys have had problems in the past so I need to make sure I'm adequately hydrated to flush out any toxins. Plus it's really good for your skin too!

3 // Start writing blog posts in advance
I've struggled a bit at some points to come up with interesting blog post ideas, so this year I'd like to take advantage of the times I'm full of creativity & ideas and just block out and plan and write posts when I have free time that I can use when I'm a bit stuck for time and ideas, especially for when I'm revising or taking exams.

4 // Save up some more money
I've done really well this year with saving, I've put aside a fair bit, but in 2016 I'd like to save up some more, maybe for a holiday or just to treat myself sometime.

5 // Participate in the 366 days challenge
I've been massively inspired by the gorgeous Danielle from Underland to Wonderland who has done the 365 days challenge for 2015, and I want to try and do something similar. I don't think I'll document it all on here, but maybe I'll share parts of it with you all.

6 // Make time every Sunday for an hour of reading
I put aside a few hours every Sunday to have a pamper night, so I run a bath and do a face mask and watch TV and relax, so I'd like to schedule in some reading time as part of my pamper session. I used to read all the time and I miss that relaxation time away from a computer screen or phone, so I'm going to make a big effort this year.

So, those are my goals for 2016, what are yours?


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