Boxing Day Sales Purchases


I'm never really a big sales person, because I can never be bothered to fight off everyone else looking for the best deals. I'm a bit cynical about sales, but nevertheless I did go out to Tesco and Boots to pick up a few things. I was mostly looking for gift sets of skincare products because those are always really cheap after Christmas, and I like to stock up.

The first place I went to was Boots, and their gift sets were half price. I'd been bought a set of Soap & Glory products for Christmas so didn't need to pick up any of those, but I did see a limited edition S&G eyeshadow palette with the most gorgeous shades, which was half price, so for £8 I had to have it! It's the first S&G makeup item I've bought, so I'm really excited! It is the most beautiful neural palette, with 7 glittery shades and 3 matte shades. I'll post a full review with swatches once I play with it!

I also picked up a set of two nail polishes from Seventeen which cost £3! I couldn't leave it there, especially because I've tried their nail polish before and really like it. One is a glitter polish in silver and white, and the other is a tinsel effects polish in blue. Can't wait to try them out!

The last thing I got from Boots was a set of 3 body sprays from the Boots Extracts brand. I love body sprays, as they're really subtle, and I'm not really a fan of super heavy fragrances. They come in vanilla, satsuma and strawberry, and I've tried the vanilla one so far and it smells amazing! 

Then I went to Tesco, and picked up another few bits, the first of which was a new pair of headphones from a company called Maxell. They're retro style and they're bright pink and big and ostentatious, but that's why I liked them! I had broken my last pair of big headphones and was missing having them for the train and studying in the library, so picked these up for £15. The sound quality is really good considering the price, and they're really comfortable and fit completely over my ears which helps to block out other distracting noises. If you're a massive sound/music person and love good quality then maybe these aren't the most super duper impressive quality but they're perfect for me!

I then got the Along Came Betty 'All I Want For Christmas Glamourous Bath Goodies' set, which was marked down to £2.25. Can't argue with that! I've used some of their products before and they're pretty decent for the price, so thought I'd give them a try. The set includes a shower poof, a headband, bath salts, hand lotion, body lotion and bath soak. 

I also picked up the Calcot Manor Country Spa retreat 'Sumptuous Spa Favourites', which came to £2.50, which again I couldn't pass up. I'd never heard of the brand before, but the products sounded really nice and looked a lot more luxurious than the price suggested so figured I'd give them a go as well. This set comes with a shower poof, a flannel, some 'de-stress' patchouli and lavender bath salts, a shower and bath gel, a body scrub and a hand and body lotion. Very excited to try these!

Other than those, I also picked up my favourite Nivea Daily Essentials moisturiser and also a new mascara, WonderFull eyes by Rimmel in Intense Black (not pictured as I forgot about it!), and some vanilla chai tea bags that I am really excited to try!

I'm hoping to buy another couple of bits online with more of my Christmas money, so I might do a second blog post about those if I do get some more things! Did you get any bargains in the sales? Hope you all had a marvellous Christmas! If you'd like to see what I was given for Christmas, check out my last post!


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