10 things I wish I could tell my 14 year old self (Blogmas 2015)


This is me, as a 14 year old. I was really insecure about a number of things, I was shy, I didn't really know what I wanted to do after school, I was yet to grow into myself. These are the 10 things I wish 14 year old me had known:

1. That you're beautiful. 
No matter how much you feel that everyone you know is prettier than you, it doesn't mean that you aren't pretty in your own way. If you wait a couple of years you'll grow into yourself and learn to appreciate what you have.

2. That not eating isn't a good way to 'get skinny'
But rather exercising and incorporating more healthy foods into your daily life make you healthy, which is way more important.

3. That the boys you're pining after aren't actually worth it
Seriously, just forget about boys and focus on school and friends. So much more worth your time*

4. That you don't need to be embarrassed about your skin
Because your skin will feel a lot better when it's not got loads of makeup piled on it. And it'll thank you for letting it breathe. And it'll improve a lot in the next few years!

5. Moisturise morning and night!
And sort out a good skincare routine that works. Because that's the only way you'll sort your skin out, not by trying to cover it up.

6. Distance yourself from toxic people
And never feel like you have to be someone you're not to try and keep your 'friends' around. It's better to have a few amazing friends than many crappy ones.

7. Try not to stress/overthink/worry about everything
Just take it as it comes, you're more than capable of reaching any goals you set for yourself, you can do this.

8. Stick to writing a diary!
I was so bad at starting diaries and then not sticking to them, but they're so funny to look back on and I wish I had more to read. I now write a summary of every single day in my planner, which I love because I know it'll be amazing to look back on in a few years time.

9. Worry less about what people think of you
Because "those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind"

10. Be less apologetic for who you are
I'm always called out on saying sorry too much. As if I feel like I'm an inconvenience or an annoyance. I wish I had been less apologetic for who I was and for what I stood for, and had been more confident in myself.

*although I could do with taking that advice currently too!

What do you wish you could tell your younger self?

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