Christmas Wishlist (Blogmas 2015)


Hopefully you've all mailed off your letters to Santa by now (lol), but in case you haven't, here's what I'm lusting after to help inspire you!


1. A FujiFilm Instax Mini 8
Every blogger seems to have this adorable polaroid camera, and I've wanted one for years. I've recently really got into disposable cameras/photography, so a polaroid camera seems right up my street.

2. White Dainty Low-Top Converse
Again, I think I seem to be the last one on the planet to get these. They're so pretty, and I'm having to chuck out a load of my old canvas shoes because they are completely battered, so it'll be nice to replace them with some really pretty white converse.

3. Benefit RollerLash
I can't bring myself to fork out £20 for a mascara (that's about as much as I pay for a week's food shop so it seems a bit excessive, but everyone raves about it so much that I need to try it!

3. Naked 2 or 3 Palette
Can you believe I've never tried any of the Naked palettes?! Yeah, me either.. So this year I've asked for either naked 2 or naked 3 (as I couldn't quite decide which one I liked better!)

4. Baking Equipment
I'm obsessed with baking, I absolutely love it, but at uni I don't have any baking equipment of my own, so a few times I've made cookies by completely guessing the measurements. They've turned out surprisingly well each time, but it's still not quite the same as if I had proper scales and measuring cups of my own.

5. Comfy bedding/cushions/throws for my room
I love my bed, it's the first time in my life I've ever had a double bed, but it's not the comfiest because it's definitely lacking in the cushion/throw department, so I've asked for some nice cozy blankets and pillows to make it even more comfy!

So these are some of the things I've asked for for Christmas and my birthday, I'm not really a big one or asking for loads of things, but these things I've lusted after for ages!

What's on your Christmas list?


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