My Busy Months Part 3: JUNE (So far!)


And just like that it's June, I'm thrust into exam season, my social life gets pushed to the back of the queue while I get my exams done. I did manage to fit in some fun things around the revising, so I'll now talk you through this month, and everything I've done! Thankfully I've now finished exams, so I'm currently back home for the summer!

My first exam was on June 4th,  and it actually went rather well. What was better though was the fact that I had a fairly long break between my first and second exams, which meant I could go home for the weekend to attend a Christening I had been invited to, which was absolutely lovely!


Then it was back up to uni to prep for my next two exams! During that week I attended the opening night of a play that one of my close friends starred in, which was very funny, and I was extremely proud of him.


Another break from exam revision was a day spent at BirdWorld in Farnham, which was so fun! I posted a couple of Instagrams about my day so I won't bore you too much with various pictures of birds, but I will say that my highlight was stroking and playing with that little penguin, he was so cute!

Finally my last exam had been written, and it was time to celebrate. I was treated to an amazingly yummy dinner at Prezzo (if you haven't been there try the banoffee tiramisu, which is one of my favourite things on the menu), and then me and the boy went for a couple of cocktails at a place called Turtle Bay (Caribbean pimms and the frozen strawberry daiquiri are my faves!)

Then I attended a birthday party for one of my friends, which is always good fun. I loved my outfit, loved my makeup, and it was a nice way to say bye to everyone before the summer.

And then my second year at uni had come to an end. It was time to go home for the summer. It's been so nice to be home as I was starting to get really homesick. I've not had the best living arrangements at university this year and I was quite unhappy in my house, so being home to reset and recharge my batteries has been just what I've needed. Missed my family and my dog so much (and plus it's nice to always have food in the fridge!)

And so with that my 3 part series has come to an end! If you want to go back and read part 1 and 2, then please do! What has been your favourite thing you've done this month? Join me back here on Saturday for a HUGE beauty haul!


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