LIFE UPDATE: 13th September


Today was my last day at my job, and today marks 2 weeks to go before I move to uni. I'm beginning to worry now.

To be completely honest, I feel a bit down today. I had a good shift, but I'm sad to be leaving some of the girls behind, and I'm also sad because most of my friends are all going off to uni/are busy with school so I feel a little lonely.

To try and cheer myself up I'm sat listening to my iTunes on shuffle, and am currently dancing along to One Direction. I've also had some homemade cake, and have been curled up on the sofa with my dog, watching the X Factor.

I just seem to be in a bit of a mood recently, and don't know how to shift it. Not fun!

I can't complain though, life isn't bad atm, just finding it a bit tough every so often.

Much love,

Zoe xxx

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