Wreck This Journal!


I've been bitten with the creativity bug, and I've picked up my wreck this journal. I haven't done too many pages, but I've done a few so far. I follow a bunch of wreck this journal instagrams (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) and they've all inspired me seeing all the cool things people do with their books. Here are some photos from some of my pages:

So what's been getting your creative juices flowing recently?

Zoe xxxx

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  1. I bought 3 of these! One which I got years ago and kinda ruined because I didn't put much efford in, one that I used while being in therapy and one that I want to use only when I have a really good idea, so the last one is pretty empty so far. It's my favourite way to get creative!

    1. Oh wow! I haven't done much in mine in a while, like you I'm waiting till I have a really creative idea. I want to revisit mine soon though! They're so nice to look back through. xx


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