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Hi everyone!

If you don't already know, I'm in my first semester of university. I've been super busy revising recently, and thought I'd share my study tips with you all.

1. Find a study style that suits you 

Do you work better in a group study session? Set one up. Find it easier studying alone? Do that. Experiment till you find something that works for you. I find that sometimes I like studying with other people, especially if it's something like chemistry or maths that I struggle with more, but if I'm studying microbio or cell biology I'd rather study by myself in the quiet. I also vary how I take notes, sometimes I even make A3 posters to help visualise my lectures better. You need to experiment and figure out your style of revising.

2. Organise your notes as you take them!

I can't stress how important this one is, it saves so much nausea as exams approach. When you take notes in class, put them in a folder straightaway so that you stay organised and don't lose any notes. It makes it so much easier in exam time. Also, organise your study space/desk so you have everything you need to hand.

3. Establish a routine

I'm really bad at this, but I try really hard to set some time aside each day to revise. Usually what ends up happening is me cramming revision in whenever I have some time.. Which doesn't work as well & just stresses me out!

4. Take breaks

Don't try and study non-stop all day, because you'll get frustrated and bored and your mind will wander after the first hour or so. I would suggest telling yourself you'll study for an hour and then have a break for a while, say half an hour or 15 minutes or something. Make sure you time your breaks so you actually go back to your revision! 

5. Set goals

The way I motivate myself is by setting little, achievable goals to try and keep me focused & to feel accomplished after I finish the goals. An example would be "I'm going to sit and solidly revise 3 lectures today" or "I'm going to aim to spend 2 hours properly focused". This keeps me revising and helps me to feel motivated and happy that I've done something worthwhile everyday. I write it in my planner so I can keep track of which lectures I've revised.

6. Get comfortable

Make yourself a nice drink, have some snacks, and sit comfortably at your desk. This makes for a way more positive revising environment!

7. Have a study playlist

Having a study playlist really helps me stay positive and happy while revising. I love spotify *not sponsored, I'm just obsessed*, as they have pre-made playlists to suit every mood, or you can make your own.

So these are my top tips, I hope you find them useful, let me know your revision tips!

Zoe xxx

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the great tips! These are going to help me so much with exams coming up!

    Lots of Love, Lottie ♥
    Lifestyle blog to make you smile :)

    1. ^oops sorry! haha pressed the wrong button & deleted my reply haha :P I'm so glad I could help! I'm in the middle of exams as well :( Good luck with your exams, I hope everything goes well! <3 xxx


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