2015 Goals


Hello! Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged, I've been busy with uni and then christmas, but I'm back to talk to you about new years resolutions!

I never ever manage to fulfil my resolutions; I always give up after about a week.
But this year will be different. This year I will write my resolutions here and check back in a year to see how many I've achieved.

1. De-clutter my room. 

I've been on this Earth for 18 years now. I've accumulated a lot of junk in that time, and it's all sitting in my room. I'm almost drowning in it all. Every time I think about how much stuff I have, it stresses me out and I hate how cluttered my life feels. So, in 2015, I hope to purge everything I don't desperately need/want, and hopefully I'll have more space to breathe.

2. Reduce book collection

I have a fairly large book collection. Admittedly not as big as some, but it's big enough that it spills out of my bookshelf into piles of books in front of it. A lot of them are books from when I was a child that I keep for sentimental value (and so I can one day read them to my children), and some I've kept as I convince myself I'll get round to reading them one day. Sometime this year I'd like to donate some of the ones I've read & won't reread or that I'll never read.

3. Spend more time doing things for me

I often find that I am focused on doing things for other people, and I worry about what other people think & how I'll be judged for my actions. I feel that this year I need to do things for me, and not worry about what others think.

4. Work really hard at uni

I'm coming to the end of my first semester of my first year at uni, and I'd really like to do well in my first year even though it doesn't count towards my diploma, because these grades will be used when I apply for a placement.

5. Get a job

I really miss working, and I'd love to get another job while I'm at university, as it'd be something to occupy myself with, and also extra money is always needed, especially as a student!!

6. Get a summer internship

I have to get a summer internship for my degree, and it'd be valuable experience for when I graduate and am looking for jobs. This one I'm keen to achieve because it may help me find a placement in my third year, and may also help me figure out what it is I want to do after getting my degree.

So those are my 6 goals for this year, please let me know what yours are!

Zoe xxx

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