Sissinghurst Gardens


On Monday I went to the national trust Sissinghurst Castle Gardens, and I had a lovely time wandering around getting lost in all the different zones of the gardens. I particularly loved the sweet peas and roses that were rambling all over the walls of the 'castle'; aka Vita and Harold's house. There were many little touches around the gardens that made me think "this is so blog post/Instagram worthy", so I knew I had to collect together my favourite photos from the day into a blog post for you all. What I would mention is that although they advertise a 'disabled route' on the map it's not actually accessible, there's lots of steps and bumpy pavements and grass which unfortunately made it quite inaccessible for my grandmother. I've been loving my Nikon again, I'm slowly learning how to get the best out of it and how to take (in my opinion) pretty great photos! It's a very photo heavy post today so I'll let them do all the talking, hope you enjoy!

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