Recent Nail Polish Purchases: Essence Makeup


(please excuse the shit picture quality, I've left my Nikon at uni and my phone camera just isn't comparable!!)
I recently discovered that my local Wilkos has started stocking Essence makeup - a revelation that I was very excited about! I've been recommended their makeup many times and I've seen quite a few British bloggers rave about it so I knew I needed to pick up some things.

The first thing I picked up isn't actually a nail polish but it is Essence so I thought I'd include it anyway! It's the Make Me Brow eyebrow mascara in the shade 03 soft browny brows, which is actually a really lovely product. It is the perfect ashy blonde shade for my eyebrows, and makes my brows bolder while not looking like I've got massive caterpillars on my face.

I also bought 3 nail polishes, two of the gel nail polishes and one of the no make-up look powdery finish nail polishes. The powdery one (03 powdery nude) I picked up more out of curiosity of the finish than anything else, but it's a really pretty nude shade that I have currently on my fingers. It's basically like a matte nail polish, it is quite a thin consistency so is quite difficult to build up with the colour being so pale as well, and it can be quite hard to get rid of streaks, but once you build up a nice colour it looks really pretty.

The gel colours I purchased are a lovely blue-toned pale grey called 'grey zone' and a beautiful pink colour called 'my love diary'. I've tried 'my love diary' so far, and it was really lovely to apply, it only took one coat to look really opaque, and it's really glossy and gorgeous looking.

Have you tried any of their products? What would you recommend? What do you want to try?


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