50 Facts About Me!


I wasn't really sure what to write for this week's blog post, as yesterday I moved back home from uni for Easter and haven't had much time to plan out a post for this week. I had a look through my archives and realised that you guys don't really know much about me, so I thought I would do the 50 facts about me tag. I love reading these as I find it really interesting to find out more about the bloggers I follow.

  1. My middle name is Elizabeth after my Grandmother (so I have the same name as Zoella!)
  2. I have lived in 3 countries 
  3. I moved to Belgium about a month after I was born (in England)
  4. I've also lived in Canada
  5. I'd love to go back to Canada one day
  6. My star sign is Capricorn
  7. Which means that I am practical and I love to plan everything out (apart from this weeks post!)
  8. I care too much about everything
  9. I'm absolutely obsessed with all things Disney
  10. My favourite princess is Rapunzel
  11. The last song I listened to was Thinking Out Loud 
  12. My favourite food is pasta
  13. I have a miniature schnauzer called Monty
  14. I study biology at university
  15. My celebrity crush has been Alex Pettyfer for as long as I can remember.
  16. I also love Dermot O'Leary
  17. My favourite book is To Kill a Mockingbird
  18. My favourite musical is Billy Elliot (it made me cry lots and lots!)
  19. I'm scared of talking on the phone.
  20. I used to have two goldfish called Bubbles and Sunshine
  21. Which both died while my best friend was looking after them when I was on holiday
  22. I also used to have two cats called Tufty and Tigger
  23. I love the Sims & animal crossing
  24. I'm scared of insects and when I was little I used to check for spiders whenever I entered the room.
  25. I live in leggings 
  26. I can't drive
  27. I have never swam in the sea
  28. I play the clarinet
  29. I used to do ballet (and got to grade 5)
  30. I love baking
  31. I'm an incredibly anxious person
  32. I love Harry Potter
  33. And Christmas
  34. I get very excited about things
  35. I love getting letters & handwritten notes 
  36. I'm really good at long distance swimming
  37. I have never been able to do a cartwheel or handstand or the splits
  38. I have never had my ears pierced 
  39. I love writing lists
  40. My favourite beauty products to buy are lipsticks
  41. However my most used beauty products are nail polishes
  42. If I wasn't doing biology I'd like to work in photography
  43. I used to work in retail
  44. I have met my role model (Carrie Hope Fletcher)
  45. I have been addicted to tumblr for nearly 5 years
  46. I love cooking for people
  47. I want a hedgehog and a rabbit when I have my own house
  48. I find growing up terrifying
  49. I hate horror films
  50. I'm obsessed with youtube and used to make my own videos (maybe one day I'll try again?)
That's it from me, please let me know some facts about you in the comments (or link me to your own posts) so that I can learn more about my readers!

Zoe xxx

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  1. 8, 9, Schnauzers♥, 19, Sims, 25, 26, 32, 33, 34, 39 = SAME!;p
    Loved this post, super fun :D XX

    MollyRose, x x x「mori-ro-zu.blogspot.co.uk」

    1. Aw I'm glad you liked it! Schnauzers are the best, mine is currently curled up asleep next to me! Maybe I'll do a post all about him one day :P haha you should do this too, I'd love to read it! xxx


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