My blogging equipment/organisation.


Hi everyone! Today I thought that I would show you the equipment that I use to do my blogging!

The camera I use is the Nikon D3200. I was lucky enough to be given it for my birthday last year, and it's definitely a big reason as to why I picked up blogging again. As every other blogger will tell you, you don't need a fancy camera or fancy equipment to blog, and you certainly don't need a big DSLR with fancy lenses, however I wasn't happy with the quality of my photos when I was just using my phone, as they often turned out grainy & were darker than I wanted them to be.

I use the stock lens with my Nikon, which is the 18-55mm lens. This does well for close up shots, and I don't need anything too fancy for taking my blog photos.

I write my blog posts & upload all my photos to my laptop, which is the Apple Macbook Pro (the one with the CD drive). I love my laptop, I'm definitely an apple girl, whenever I use Windows I struggle because of how different the software is :P

I edit my photos using a combination of Ribbet and iPhoto. I start off with them in iPhoto, brightening, cropping etc, and then if I'm putting text overtop I upload it to Ribbet and put in any text or effects there.

To organise my blog posts & plan ahead I use iProcrastinate, which is a free app in the app store for my macbook.

It's like a regular calendar but better, because you can include all the steps that you need to complete for it to be finished, and you can check things off once you've done them. You can also see all the tasks for a particular subject, which helps you check them off like a to-do list.

It helps me to plan ahead and to keep track of all the blogging tasks I have. You could also use it for planning out emails, deadlines, advertisements etc.

And that's what I do! I don't use professional lighting or anything, I'm not a pro blogger, but this is what I use to keep up my blog.

Hope this was helpful,

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