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Thanks so much to Molly Rose for tagging me in another tag, I loved reading about her 'me time' so definitely check it out here.

  1. What do you watch/read during 'Me Time'? I usually watch youtube videos when I'm having some me time, although I've been loving trashy TV like Take Me Out at the moment too. The last book I read was Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, however I don't have loads of time to read at uni! Mostly I listen to music when I'm having some time to myself, which is exactly what I'm doing now!
  2. What do you wear during 'Me Time'? I usually wear leggings and a top or loose knitted jumper, although sometimes I just wear pyjamas.
  3. What are your 'Me Time' beauty products? I usually have mascara and eyeliner, although if I'm properly relaxing I'll give my face a complete break and not wear any makeup. I will treat my skin with my skincare routine, which can be found here
  4. Favourite current nail polish? My current nail polish is Sally Hansen nail polish in Rosie Posie, which is a lovely dusky pink colour. It's been on my nails for three weeks now, with no chips! I'm so in love, I bought this polish years ago and have gone through many feelings of loving and disliking the colour, but currently I love it. It's the only Sally Hansen nail polish I own but I definitely need some more shades! *hint hint Sally Hansen!!* haha just kidding.
  5. What do you eat/drink in your 'Me Time'? Anything chocolaty! Or cereal. And I love a good cup of tea in my me time routine.
  6. Current favourite candle? I'm not allowed to burn candles at uni so I don't have a current favourite!
  7. Do you ever have outdoor 'Me Time'? Often if I've spent a lot of time inside it makes me go crazy & I feel really stifled and trapped, so I love nothing more than to go outside for a walk. I was really stressed out last week so I dragged my bf around campus to take some photos and to make the most of the gorgeous sunshine we've been having. It's so nice to just get out and clear my head, and to have a change of scenery.
  8. Would you ever go see a movie alone? I'm not sure if I would, I always like to react about the movie to the people I've gone with, and I think I'd feel a bit lonely in the cinema alone (side note this is such a random question) :P
  9. Favourite online shop? I don't tend to do lots of online shopping, however I'm notorious for putting lots of things into my basket and then never actually buying anything. I rarely order things online, especially clothes, as I like to try them on and make sure they actually fit. However I love looking at the new look website to get outfit inspiration!
  10. Anything else to add? Don't think so haha
And that's it! I'm going to tag Lizzie at Peppermint and Panda Eyes and Anna at Little World of Anna

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate all your support :)

Zoe xxx

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  1. Great answers! I actually did the Me Time tag a short while ago myself :) always nice to have a break x

    1. Thanks so much :D ooh I'll check it out! Yeah it's lovely to have a break sometimes :) x

    2. This is such a great tag! I love little self interviews like this. My blog is dedicated to home spas, and night time routines! Fingers crossed I get tagged one day to do it! I'm over at if you'd like to see :) please leave your bloglovin' link too, I'd like to follow.

    3. Yeah it was really fun to do. Ooh that sounds nice, I'll check it out :) xx


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