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** Sorry this post is a day late, I had a bit of a crap day yesterday so forgot to share the post!!!**

So I thought I would start a new series of posts, but this one won't be a weekly thing, it will just be once in a while if I feel as though I have some interesting/different posts to upload.

My Instagram is mostly selfies with my friends at the moment, I don't have a theme to my posts as I'm not that disciplined, and I love taking photos with my friends too much! The pictures go in reverse order, so most recent first.

Let me know if you like this style of post! If you do, I'll do more in the future, with possibly a few less selfies and a few more interesting pictures of things!

Gourmet burger kitchen with Justin. So yummy! // A selfie with my best friend from back home, who came to visit for the weekend // Random snapchat selfie // Valentines day with Justin // The obligatory selfie.. what happened to my top lip?? // My first time at the student union club on campus // Prinks before a night out with my flatmates // Snow on campus // Revision time!

Zoe xxx

P.S. Makeup/beauty posts have taken a backseat to lifestyle posts at the moment as I'm trying to not spend any money on new products, so I don't have much new to share with you hauls wise, but I'll be hopefully posting some reviews/comparisons soon!

P.P.S. Let me know what kinds of posts you like seeing on my blog, I've got so many ideas in my list but I'd love to know what you want me to write next.

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