Easter Break Best Bits 2015


I had a month off from university for Easter, so I came to my home county of Kent to spend time with family, friends and to do some exploring. I had a really lovely holiday, and thought I'd share some of my photos with you.

I'm getting used to my camera now so I'd like to feature a bit more of my photography on here when I take some nice photos, sorry if it's a bit boring but I enjoy showcasing my photos. I love reading blogs where they're really photo/lifestyle based at the moment, so that's what I want to blog about currently! I don't think they'll replace my more chatty Saturday posts, but I might do some more bonus posts like this one because I think they're really fun!

This is just a little bonus post, I'll be back on Saturday with a Spring fashion wish list!
Zoe xxx

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  1. These are such lovely photos. I like how you have arranged the photos well (e.g. keeping lines horizontal, and setting the flowers to one side rather than keeping them centered). You seemed to really know what makes a great photograph, did you take art or photography at school? Your dog is also so cute and it looks as though you had a lovely time. I'd love to see more of your photography, and if you're interested I have a photography section on my blog.

    1. Thanks so much! No I never took art or photography at school, I've just practiced taking lots of photos and figuring out what looks good, and also I've read a fair amount about photography. I followed you the other day because I went on your blog and saw all your beautiful photos! I've definitely got a thing or two to learn about photos from you! :) xxx

  2. Loving these photos so much! Such beauty and please do share more of your photography it's wonderful!


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