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Yesterday my mum and I went to go and see the new live-action Cinderella at the cinema. It was super nice to go out with my mum, as I've not done that much since I moved to uni. It was an absolutely incredible film, the costumes were outstanding, and I loved Kit ;) I spent the whole time wishing I was Lily James, I can't think of anything better than being cast as a Disney princess. She was amazing, I loved her in Downton Abbey and she certainly didn't disappoint in this either!

I loved the message of this, of always having courage and being kind. Definitely something that's had a lasting impression on me, and one I'm going to try to keep in mind in the future.

Kenneth Branagh was the director, and he did a fantastic job. I loved him in Much Ado About Nothing, and he did brilliantly making this magical story come to life.

A bonus is the short film that plays before Cinderella starts. It's called Frozen Fever, and I loved it! Considering it was super short they packed so much in, there was singing and cake and snowmen and magic and it was so cute. It's worth going to just see that if you're a massive Frozen fan!

I mean, who wouldn't want to have the first dance with this Prince? :P Source

It came out on Friday in the UK, so if you've not seen it yet, then for sure go and see it.


(Three posts in a row! Can't believe it!!)
Zoe xxx

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