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I've been wearing makeup regularly for a couple of years now, and the thing I've struggled with the most is choosing the right foundation for me. It's so hard to find something that matches my skin tone (I'm the palest person I know, ask anyone who knows me and they'd agree, I'm like a vampire!). I find it really difficult to find foundation light enough for my skin, and also to find some that sits well on my oily/combination skin. Through trial and error (lots and lots of error), I've found that Rimmel is a brand I can always rely on to deliver in terms of base products.

I thought I'd do a comparison on the Wake Me Up and Lasting Finish Nude foundations for you, as I feel as though they both have different roles and give me a different look.

Similarities between the foundations

I would say that they both offer fairly similar (medium) coverage. They both sit very nicely on the skin, are very wearable, and are both in the same price range of under £8 (and they always seem to be on special offer at Boots). They're both easily blend able and build able, neither feel heavy or look cakey, and they both give me a fairly flawless base to work with.

I have oily (sometimes combination) skin, so after several hours of wear my makeup sometimes slips,  and parts of my face get shiny depending on the temperature and how much I've powdered etc, however with these two foundations I find that slipping is minimal, and neither of them get darker as the day goes on, which is the case with many foundations.

Differences between the foundations

The Wake Me Up foundation is very illuminating, and has tiny pieces of glitter (don't be put off by the glitter word), it's not massive chunks of glitter as I'm sure those that haven't used this foundation before are imagining, it's tiny little pieces that give you a glowing, dewy complexion without making you look like a glitter ball. I talk about this foundation more in my Makeup Look For Lectures post if you're interested in checking that out. 

Contrastingly I find that the Lasting Finish Nude foundation gives me quite a matte finish, which I usually prefer, because as I said earlier my face tends to get shiny as the day goes on, so starting off with a more matte foundation is good so I don't look like an oily mess. 

Other points 

The shade range of Rimmel foundations isn't fantastic, however they did bring out a shade that was light enough for me. As always it's good to give them a test on your skin, as it's very difficult to tell if you're a match just by looking at the bottle.

Overall verdict

I love both foundations and would definitely repurchase both of them, but I definitely reach for Lasting Finish Nude more. I prefer a matte finish so I find this matches my needs better, however if my skin looks especially dull then the Wake Me Up foundation instantly lifts my complexion.

So it depends on what you're looking for, but I'd definitely recommend both of these foundations!

Thanks for reading!
Zoe xxx

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  1. I want to try the Wakeup Foundation, I usually like matte but I want to try a dewy one. :D

    1. Hope you like it! It's great for early mornings when your skin is looking a bit tired! xx

  2. I think I need to try this Wake me up foundation because I keep reading good things about it! :)

    1. I've seen only good things about Rimmel foundations, I love these two and would repurchase them again and again! xx


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