How I'm making healthy choices and changes in my life


Hi everyone! Today I thought I'd write a little bonus post and talk to you about the healthy changes I'm making to my life so I can lose some weight, tone up and feel better about my body.

1. Yoga

I wrote a whole post on starting yoga, but since starting I can definitely feel a difference in how my body is responding. It's so great and I absolutely love it!

2. Switching up eating

I try to get a varied diet, but this is quite difficult to do as I'm a poor student with little time/means to make really yummy and healthy dishes, but I do try my best to supplement my diet with fruit and veg. I often snack on hummus and carrots/celery/cucumber, or nuts instead of having things like crisps or chocolate, but it's hard to keep up my willpower, especially over Easter (and especially seeing as I absolutely love to bake!). I think chocolate and crisps and cookies and things like that are all fine within reason, but it is nice to take care of my body by giving it the nutrients and vitamins it needs. The most important thing is to be BALANCED. So you can still have carbs and fats and sugars, so long as it's in moderation, and that you have lots of fruit and veg too!

Something I love to do is make smoothies. Unfortunately I haven't got a smoothie maker at uni although I'm thinking of getting one soon, but I do have one at home. I made a smoothie earlier and it was so yummy I thought I had to share it in this post!

I used frozen berries, bananas, milk, peanut butter and honey in this one. However you could substitute milk for soy or almond milk or even water. I add in different things every time based on what I have in the house, so play around till you find something you like, or look online, there are literally thousands of recipes you can try!

As a little added bonus I chopped up little pieces of strawberry and put them in the bottom of the cups which was yummy!

3. Getting into the habit of doing some little exercises

Things I like to do to be more active (other than yoga) on a lovely long hike/explore like I did up in the top photo. I try to walk rather than drive or take public transport if I can, I do some morning stretches or sit ups. Whatever it is you want to do, try to incorporate about half an hour of activity every day. It really does make a difference, and it is really good for you! 

4. Drinking lots more water

I'm so bad at remembering to drink enough water! Drinking adequate amounts of water is so so so important. It's vital for your organs, and it helps really helps your skin. I've downloaded Plant Nanny from the app store which helps to remind me to drink. I've even got my whole family to download it!

So these are some of the little changes I've made so I can have a healthier lifestyle. What are your tips and tricks?

Zoe xxx

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  1. Good for you! Changes, no matter how little they may feel in the beginning, can change a lot. I once read in an article about weight that eating an extra 5 calories a day (that's one single potatochip) will lead to a weightgain of 5 Kilo after a few years. Walking instead of taking the lift and other things like that will for sure make a difference! That being said, I hope you're not changing your lifestyle solely to lose weight. Being healthy is about more than being slim. Please make sure to love the body you have. You only got one ♥

    1. You are absolutely right! I'm doing it more to feel healthier and fitter rather than to lose weight, I 100% agree that being healthy is more then losing weight. It's all about being happy in your own skin and having fun with it! xxx

  2. i've been trying to do some of these as well, like drinking more water and watching what i eat more. i love to make smoothies as well, my favorite is banana, vanilla almond butter, almond milk, and cinnamon :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. That sounds absolutely delicious, definitely one I want to try! I really want to switch from dairy milk to other alternatives, and almond milk is one i'd like to transition to as it's so good for you! xx

  3. Great tips! I really need to start being more healthy, i have been terrible recently x

    Phoebe’s Diaries

    1. I was so bad over Easter, but it's got to be done sometimes! :P Glad you liked the post :) xx

  4. Good on you! Keep going!!

    Rachel x


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